Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pan American Bakery & Grill

4113 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA 22204
(703) 271-1113

Visited: April 15, 2010

Ummm...Saltenas. So good, so tasty...

First off, Saltenas are NOT empanadas and they are THE signature food creation of Bolivia (don't let those other South American countries tell you any differently). If you know anything about Saltenas, you must come here. If you know nothing about Saltenas, you must come here. They are always fresh and as a native Saltena eater.....nay, Saltena EXPERT, Pan American makes the best in the VA/DC/Md area.

In addition to the area's best Saltenas, they also have amazing homemade Bolivian soups that are delicious and very satisfying. The value for the buck is amazing and I've always left full, satisfied and happy no matter what I order.

Their pasties are not your usual fare but very goooood. Ask for the "budding" (pronounced boo-deen) which is a typical Bolivian bread pudding.

Ever since switching jobs I miss working close enough to escape here for some chicken or beef Saltenas or a bowl of their tasty soup-of-the-day. If I really wanted to treat myself, I'd order up a freshly made plate of Silpancho (pronounced Sill-pon-cho) which is a piece of steak, pounded until very thin, lightly breaded with breadcrumbs and pan fried...all served with two fried eggs, potatoes, diced tomatoes and onions all on a bed of rice. Friggin' the best!!

I sing the praises of Pan American bakery to everyone I know. Hmmmm...wish I got a dollar for all the Pan American fans I've made and all the business I brought to my favorite Bolivian gem.

These folks make me proud as they're true to the quality and authenticity of their food. If you want a taste of Bolivia, hope on over to Arlington, brave the traffic of Colombia Pike and head into Pan American Bakery & Grill. I assure you that you'll be happy you did!

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