Monday, April 19, 2010

Coastal Flats

7860-L Tysons Corner Center
Mclean, VA 22102
(703) 356-1440

Visited: November 5, 2009

Let me tell you about the "Flats"...whenever I go there, I always leave very very satisfied and with a full fat belly. I try to frequent the Flats whenever possible; with the work crew for lunch, with the family for dinner and anytime I feel the need for something delicious and worth my hard earned $$.

Being part of the "Great American Restaurants" family of fine dining establishments, you can be assured that everything on the menu is of the highest quality and tastes amazing. From my hundreds of trips to the Flats and other Great American restaurants, I know that whatever I order their food is going to be top top top.

My favorite go-to entree at the Flats is the slow cooked "Low Country Beef Back Ribs". As the menu describes them, the beef ribs are Hickory smoked, glazed with a tart, tangy and sweet mustard BBQ sauce and served with a side of shoestring fries and coleslaw. My suggestion if you get this dish, nix the fries and order some cauliflower mash or garlic mashed potatoes. Your order will include a small tin container with some of that extra mustard BBQ sauce perfect for dipping those fall-apart-tender chucks of beef ribs..

Holy crap my mouth is watering right now just thinking of this dish...


The servers are always very attentive and will start off your visit with a basket full of delicious bread. From the donut-hole looking bread to a cheese encrusted slices loaves of goodness, the bread basket starter will definitely have you flicking off both Dr Atkins (R.I.P.) and the South Beach diet as you stuff your face and enjoy some tasty carb goodness.

I would have wholeheartedly given the Flats a full five stars if it weren't for the following two very very minor things that caused me to deduct a 1/2 star per mini-peeve:

1) NO take out at the Flats. You can order a dine-in meal and they'll wrap it up for you if you don't finish it...but they don't and will not do take-out orders. One day I asked a waiter why, and he explained that the reason for this is that "Coastal Flats is committed to ensuring the highest quality of their food. If we did take-out, we just could not guarantee that the food would arrive home and meet that high quality." Sounds like a canned message from corporate (they must get this question a lot), but I can respect that decision...sounds good to me.

2) Unmovable tables. What does this mean? If you have a large group of people, you'll be sitting in separate booths. Not too conducive for large groups or a get together made up of more than 6 people. If your large group doesn't mind sitting separately, then you should be okay.

I also give the Flats major props as they're very very attentive not just to me and the boss lady, but to our two monkeys. Staff here have always been very receptive and caring to the even the littlest customers by making sure they have everything they need and are more than happy to bring out extra plates so we can share our food with the boys. Awesome job and they do this without giving us the "oh damn breeders with kids" type of look.

On the occasions when I've ordered food other than my favorite beef ribs, the food has been very very good. Salads, appetizers and even their amazing assortment of desserts will make your trip to the Flats a good trip. A plus for coming here during lunch is that the food is prepared quickly and the, you just can't beat eating great food for a very reasonable price!

After my horrible food experience at Gordon Biersch, I have decided that I'll never stray from my beloved fat stomach growls for you. :-)

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