Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Steve's Prince of Steaks

7200 Bustleton Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19149
(215) 338-0985

Visited: Summer 2009

What makes a man embark on a journey?

The inexplicable drive to explore?

The urge to experience one's own "Hero's Journey" described by Joseph Campbell?

In my experience, my own journeys have not been fueled by the need to discover or to be heroic, but to satiate the Grendel like beast within my tummy....a ferocious beast I call "the hunger".

In my book, any place that will have a fat boy pack up the mini van with the kids and wife for a steak-n-cheese sammich gets 5 stars....especially when its almost 3 hours away and two states north. Yes the steak-n-cheese sandwiches are THAT delicious! Fueled by hunger and the need to satisfy this steak-n-cheese urge the family and I have been known to make the trek from the DC area all the way up to North Philly just to visit Steve's Prince of Steaks.

Its the kind of trip where I would have driven non-stop before the birth of our monkeys, but now the diaper changing/let-the-boys-run-around breaks only delay but further fuels my hunger for a great steak-n-cheese. When we finally arrive in front of Steve's, we quickly hop outta the mini van, pick up the monkeys and make an eager beeline to the ordering counter.

What do I normally order? Steak sandwich with provolone cheese, grilled onions and grilled mushrooms. Friggin' heaven! The meat is tender and freshly cooked for you as soon as you place your order. The bread is the tastiest most fresh bread which perfectly holds all the meat, onion and mushroom juices...preventing them from escaping down your hand as you stuff your face.

Steve's has a do-it-yourself type pepper and pickle area where you can choose from pickles, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers and other picked toppings. I myself opt for some banana peppers but often will enjoy my first sandwich sans toppings to enjoy the full flavor of the meat, provolone cheese, grilled onions and mushrooms.

That's right kids, I said my FIRST sandwich. Do you honestly think I'd drive all the way up here for just one sandwich? You gotta be outta your freakin' mind!

As soon as I finish my second sandwich, I'll waddle my fat ass back up to the counter and order another steak-n-cheese treat. Why don't I just order two at the same time? Obviously you don't listen kid...they make them F-R-E-S-H to order! Unlike Pat or Geno's that has a mountain of cooked meat sitting on the grill, Steve's staff cooks 'em up fresh..and nothing in the world tastes better than a freshly cooked steak-n-cheese sandwich.

The other things that separates Steve's from the poo poo Pat and Geno touristy steak-n-cheese places is that the steak used is top top top. The steak is tender, thinly sliced beef goodness that is NOT chopped up into small cat food like pieces. These wonderful meat slices are beautiful as they are stacked upon the aforementioned fresh bread...friggin' amazing.

I may not be from Philly and a DC area resident I consider myself a novice when it comes to steak-n-cheese sandwiches. But I'll tell you this, I'll happily stuff the wife and two kids into the van, drive 3 hours north for Steve's steak-n-cheese sandwiches, something that I would NEVER do for Pat or Geno's sandwiches. I know what I like, and I loooooove me some Steve's steak-n-cheese sandwiches.

Five big f'ing stars for Steve's Prince of Steaks for making me this fat boy an addict of their steak-n-cheese sandwiches. Hmmm...I think its almost time for a run up north. Wonder if the wife would be up for a weekend stuff-your-face roadtrip.


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