Saturday, May 8, 2010

Los Tios Grill

2615 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301
(703) 299-9290

Visited: May 8, 2010

After not being able to get outta the house for Cinco de Mayo, the wife and I had been craving a good Margarita...and what better day to enjoy one that a sunny Saturday after a day full of chores. Although our Margarita craving hit us while still in DC, we made the trek across the urban jungle, over the river and into our favorite little neighborhood; Del Ray.

Our buddy Nate had a head start and was already waiting for us at Los Tios. Although none of us had ever been there, we heard through the grapevine that the food was tasty but the talk of the town was for the Margaritas.

Oh Margarita, you faceless glass of frosty fruity goodness. How I love to sip and taste you as you make my woes and busy day melt away... Saying our hellos with Nate, the wife, monkeys and I picked an outdoor table and quickly ordered a round of Margaritas. I ordered a blackberry frozen Margarita, the wife ordered a mango frozen Margarita while Nate ordered a regular lemon-lime Margarita.

My blackberry Margarita was tasty and props to Los Tios for not making it overly sweet as it was refreshing and very fresh tasting. The wife's mango Margarita was also very fresh tasting and had that "real" mango taste. When I mentioned to the waiter at the great taste of the Margaritas, he told us that all the fruity Margaritas were made from real blended fruit...noyce!

We all sipped on our tasty beverages while enjoying the complimentary chips and salsa. The salsa was very tasty (i'm a salsa connoisseur) with a fresh homemade taste which made it hard to stop stuffing my face. By the time our friendly waiter returned, I had settled on the special of BBQ lamb chop fajitas while the wife chose the seafood burrito. Nate also opted for the BBQ lamb chop fajitas which sounded amazingly delicious.

After a brief wait and two chip refills later, the arrival of our food was ushered in by the sizzling of our BBQ lamp chops on a hot metal plate. As the still sizzling food was place before me, my mouth became a reservoir of anticipation...drooooool! The lamb chops were even more appetizing as they were still on the bone with the edges of the bone slightly charred from the grill they had been cooked upon.

Eagerly cutting into the first lamb chop, I scooped up some of the lamb with caramelized onions and shoved the first bite into my food. OMG, it was sooooooo friggin good! The BBQ was just sweet enough to compliment the lamb flavor which went well with the sweet onions. Although the dish was a fajita entree and came with tortillas and toppings, the lamb was tasty enough to be enjoyed on its own.

The wife's seafood burrito was less spectacular and could not compare to the lamb goodness before me. After sharing some of my lamb, she agreed and also agreed that my entree of choice was the clear winner winner chicken dinner.

Our monkeys kept themselves entertained with crayons and paper and the waits staff (as mentioned in other reviews) were friendly and all together very attentive. Before I could scarff down the rest of my lamb, I polished off my Margarita and ordered a draft point of Modelo Negro. The beer paired better with the lamb than the Margarita which seemed to cut through the sweet and tasty richness of the BBQ and lamb.

We soon finished our food and everyone at the table seemed satisfied....well the wife wasn't too thrilled with her dish and did her best to finish off her seafood burrito. I would have happily have given Los Tios 4 full stars had it not been for the lackluster flavor of the seafood burrito and the less than spectacular size of the scallops and shrimp inside the burrito.

The Margaritas were the best I had enjoyed in quite a while and thankfully the large size made them all that more enjoyable. Our maiden voyage to Los Tios was a great one and we all agreed to come back very soon for another Margarita outing sooner than later. Maybe next time I'll make sure to leave a little room to visit my favorite girl that lives just a few blocks down the street; my Dairy Godmother. :-)

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