Friday, June 4, 2010

Tiffany's Bakery

6385 Seven Corners Center
Falls Church, VA 22044
(703) 241-0271

Visited: June 4, 2010

How does a fat boy top off an All You Can Eat (AYCE) lunch outing?

Well he waddles his fat ass over to the bakery 2 doors down and buys 5 pounds of cookies.

Yep, that really did happen...

After stuffing my face, I walked over with my buddy Steve and we picked up a huge box of assorted cookies. Truth be told, the cookies were for the boss lady who enjoys some something sweet (besides my sweet kisses) after a long day of watching the two monkeys.

As I picked out an assortment of cookies for the wife, Steve pointed out some tasty looking cookies and cakes that I may have to try out for myself on our next visit. One such cookie was the pecan chocolate chip cookie which looked very tasty. They also had a huge assortment of tarts, danishes and fruit topped mini-cakes perfect for satisfying a fat boy's sweet tooth cravings.

The service was friendly but the place was pretty busy for the middle of the day. One lady (owner or a regular) was typing away madly on her computer with paper laid out all over the table before her. The only reason I mention her here is that she was on her cell phone and was talking in an annoyingly loud volume that made all us patrons turn around and take notice.

Silly dame...

Now on to the taste of the cookies.

After finishing up the day of work and heading home, I presented my better half with the box 'o cookies. We tried them out and were not wowed and were not disappointed. The taste of the cookies were simply "enh" but I would definitely like to go back to try out some of the other cakes and treats in the display case.

Also after reading another fellow Yelper's review I'd love to try out the rum infused cake...

Alcohol + cake = Buzzed and happy fat boy

I'll keep you posted after my next trip.

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