Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Momo Taro Sushi

6051 Frederick Rd
Derwood, MD 20855
(301) 963-6868

Visited: November 28, 2009

Close your eyes. Now picture yourself half naked. No seriously, humor me know. You're half naked because you're at the beach wearing a swimsuit frolicking in clear blue turquoise kissed water. As you look down you can see thousands of fish swimming around you; and then you think of lunch...anyone for sushi?

Behind you someone close to you taps you on your shoulder and asks, "Hey, wanna play Momo Taro?" For some crazy reason you instantly you know it's a game like Marco Polo where you need to close your eyes while you yell "Momo" and your friends cry "Taro!"





Momo? Taro! Gotcha! You then open your eyes and think about lunch which is one of the fresh fish swimming at your heels. Snatching one outta the water like a hungry grizzly, you dine on your fresh catch.

Momo Taro Sushi!

Okay day dreamer, snap outta it ya filthy animal....

So it may not look like your blue water Caribbean day dream, but walking into Momo Taro (who's name I LOVE to repeat over and over until my wife yells, "ENOUGH!") you're greeted by something unique; paper screened windows. Are you in Japan? Not quite, but you're in an industrial zone in Gaithersburg/Derwood and you're about to be pleasantly surprised...

The fish is so fresh and delicious you may as well be that hungry grizzly catching your own fish. The service is so attentive and friendly it's virtually the OPPOSITE of my horrible Tachibana experience. The menu is amazing and everyone (even my two little monkeys) are thrilled at the Momo Taro experience.


Unlike Tachibana, Momo Taro seems to welcome families by making us breeders comfortable by accomodating the youngest members of our sushi loving family. Children are treated like welcome guests and parents feel like royalty as they dine of the freshest sushi creations from the master sushi chef. While the kids dine on edamame and udon noodles, Mommy and Fat Daddy are stuffing their faces with MONSTER spicy tuna hand rolls that dazzle the senses and tickle the tongue with just the right amount of spice. Did I mention the fish was fresh?

Oh yes it's fresh and tay-steeeeeeeee!!

Everyone in our party (friends and family) were all stuffed to the gills with great sushi. Our two monkeys and my friends' kids were also satisfied with their food and enjoyed the complimentary oregami cranes. We'll definitely be back to Momo Taro Sushi for some great sushi and the great service. Say it with me, MOMO TARO! MOMO TARO! MOH-MOH TAH-ROOOOW!!!

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