Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kohinoor Dhaba

2800 South Eads St
Arlington, VA 22202
(703) 778-5005

Visited: January 10, 2010

Ever since the India Curry House closed down (still bring a tear to my eye and a rumble in my stomach), I've been searching for a place serving some great All You Can Eat Indian food goodness. Well after seeing Donald P's UYE for Kohinoor Dhaba and reading his reviews, my interest was definitely piqued.

Seriously dude, you had me at Tikka...

So here's how the dream visit to Kohinoor Dhaba went down...drop some hints to the wife, tell her how Yelpers have raved about the joint and then once I've got her attention and she looks interested...hit her with the big one:

Chicken Tikka Masala or Butter Chicken

TKO, she's down the count and is seeing curry flavored stars...

Now work the description so much that a Sunday late lunch suggestion in the Crystal City area could easily have her want to hit Kohinoor Dhaba. Oh yes, the plan was in full effect and my advanced degree in Psychology was finally paying off as I had the wife CRAVING the thought of Kohinoor Dhaba as much as I was craving it.

The only solution; to head over to Kohinoor Dhaba and to stuff our faces silly....

The mini van was packed up, the monkeys were strapped in and we headed south down Eads Street with bellies roaring with hunger and churning in anticipation of Indian buffet Nirvana. The sight of the building perfectly matched those images on Yelp and we knew we were just a few second away from satisfying our cravings.

Walking inside, the scent of the food greeted us before the nice lady behind the counter. The nice lady smiled, welcomed us and shared with us the buffet dishes for today:

* Daal - Small lentils
* Saag - Spinach
* Chicken Curry
* Fluffy Basmati Rice
* Amazingly fresh and delicious Naan bread
* Veggies with Potatoes
* Butter Chicken

SIDE NOTE: As my wife just said reliving today's experience, the Butter Chicken was "the bomb". Damn straight ya silly broad, it was indeed the crown jewel of an amazing buffet selection.

Salivating like wild dogs, we took turns filling our plates and made our way upstairs to the seating area. Our monkeys dove into the plates before we did reaching for the fluffy rice and tasty Naan bread. One of the monkeys went so far as to dip his Naan in the butter chicken sauce and smiled happily as he tasted the sauce.

Yes my son, you are correct the Butter Chicken is delish. We all ate our fill cleaning our plates, scraping the bottom of the styro-foam dishes already thinking of our second attack. So here was the breakdown of today's buffet:

- The Daal: delicious
- The Saag: tasty
- The Rice: perfect
- Chicken Curry: awesome
- Butter Chicken: the BEST i've had in months

Yes, everything was amazing and fresh! The bread was a perfect vehicle for stuffing my face with chicken, Daal, Saag and my favorite Butter Chicken goodness. I really can't say enough about this place and really must give Donald P some major props.

I'm definitely coming back here again and again with the wife or with friends. To find an all you can eat place with high quality food at such a great price in this area is truly a find. The monkeys also enjoyed the food as we left Kohinoor Dhaba with two boys with faces and clothes painted in orange butter chicken sauce.

It was a great family experience and despite the stress of the monkeys flinging food all over the place, we had a great time during our maiden trip to Kohinoor Dhaba.

BTW, we're still stuffed and burping up some Kohinoor Dhaba goodness... Ummm...Indian Food...taste it again for a 2nd...3rd...4th time. :-)

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