Sunday, March 29, 2009


1781 Florida Ave NW
(between N 18th St & N U St)
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 518-2570

Re-visited: March 28, 2009

Picture yourself walking down the streets of Adams Morgan on the coldest day of January. Your nose is numb and so cold that you can feel it beginning to run until it makes you sniff and your shoes have lost the battle against the cold making your feet hurt with each passing step. Next to you are your wife, two baby boys and friends visiting from out of town...everyone's noses are bright red and the breath escapes their mouths in puffs of white that suddenly disappear. It's cold, but not just winter's "brrr" cold.

As you poke your head into the local Starbucks on 18th and Columbia Road, you see that others have thought the same thought; to grab a cup-of-something to warm up their cold bones. So many people fill the Starbucks that navigating the crowd to the busy counter with a twin baby stroller seems a nearly impossible feat. Saddened, you tell your family and friends that you'll continue our walk down 18th street in hopes of finding a smaller coffee shop or Starbucks.

Heading south you reach U Street and everyone is groaning and politely complaining by saying, "Man, it's cold" or "It sure is a cold day today." Just then you look left and see something that you've never seen off of 18th street...something that on this cold day will become a warm oasis on this frozen urban tundra that is Adams Morgan. Locolat. Instantly your mind wonders, "Did I just see Chocolate? And do they have HOT CHOCOLATE?!?!" Walking inside your eyes are greeted by an army of chocolate delights; from handmade truffles to the most delicately made éclairs. A warm feeling over takes you and a smile cracks through your frozen face as you see they have "dark" hot chocolate and are already thinking of the sweet treats you'll order.

This is EXACTLY how I felt walking into Locolat on that cold January 2009 day. There was something magical about this place as we all ordered hot chocolate and admired the handmade chocolate being made in the next room by master Pastry Chef Neil Piferoen. His wife Ada greets all the customers with big smiles and a warm hellos and is the resident master hot chocolate maker. Ever since that cold day we've frequented Locolat so often, that people wonder why we'd drive over half-an-hour just to get a cup of dark hot chocolate, truffles and éclairs. Our answer, "You must come with us." Everyone we've taken falls in love with the dark hot chocolate and wide selection of in-store made sweets.

This past Friday night we've converted yet another group of friends. After visiting our favorite Adams Morgan restaurant, we walked down 18th street to Locolat for a tasty éclair, some truffles and a cup of hot dark chocolate. As Locolat has become our favorite "secret sweet treat", Ada recognized us and greeted us with a warm hello and asked about our twin boys. My wife chatted with her and asked about her little girl and engaged in a friendly conversation about kids and schools. The warmth of my wife's conversation with Ada also adds another star to this little café; it's a family owned place run by people that truly enjoy what they do.

So if you're ever in the Adams Morgan area near U and 18th, check out Locolat. You'll not only be impressed by the sweet treats, but by the warm family that makes such a wonderful café memorable and worth the trip...wherever you're coming from. Just make sure to try the dark hot chocolate and a handmade dark chocolate truffle.

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